Saturday, 23 January 2010

Lets get practical, what can we do?

In practical terms, certain things need to get done before individuals feel part of the climate reduction program. So here are my thoughts.

1. Villages and small towns, say upto 10,000 residents, should be allowed, by law, to create, and sell their own electricity to the local people. This could be generated by what ever means, wind, solar, geo-thermal, biomass. This micro-generation would be owned and run by the people for the people. Any surplus could be sold to the electricity companies. I know of 1 or 2 small communities in Germany that do this. This could create a great deal of local suppliers and new employment.

2. The Patent Office records should be checked, for any patents that block new ideas, and or solutions held by oil, gas, coal or sceptics. There are so many ideas still to be used, this applies worldwide.

3. One way to get countries willingly to make changes, because there is money in it for them, is on my Blog at Climate Comments.

4. Another idea is "Bio Char" you could see what is available and how it works at the Bio Char page.


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